I know what you're thinking. How do I own a business without doing any of the 'business' portion? What the f*ck do I do to get clients to want me? 

Been there. Done that. 

No college education, no business school, no photography education. Just the old fashion way of learning as I went and man did I learn..and not in the easy way. 

I want you to feel confident in your business, for your business to thrive, for you to love every minute of it without feeling like a stuffy sales person and more like YOU. 

Where the eff do I start? 

In the beginning stages of your business? This is for you! 

Module 1. Branding
Module 2. Marketing
Module 3. Community 
Module 4. Legal 
Module 5. Budgets

course 1

Course 2 

This is where the fun really comes in. We've dug deep into your brand and your foundation, now it's time to put it into practice. Ready to skyrocket? 

1. Automations & Systems
2. Print Sales 
3. Album Sales 
4. Associate Photographer
5. Passive Income Streams

Time to grow


1-on-1 mentoring

1-on-1 mentoring sessions 
90 minute sessions

Ready to take the next step? ⇉

Do you connect with people more online and need lots of content?

 Branding sessions are typically 2 hours and can be customized for what you need! Need headshots, product photos, behind the scenes or other content? This is the session for you!

Branding Sessions are starting at $900 with a release of the images for online use.  

Give your clients something to connect to you with!

Branding Session

Need a bold headshot, but don’t need lots of other content? A 30 minute headshot session would be perfect for you! 

Sessions start at $150 for 30 minutes and 5 digital files

Headshot Session

° Can't find the stock photos to fit with your brand? 
° Worried about feeling too 'stiff' in your photos? 
° Don't have enough content for posting on social media? 

Your photos and content don't have to look like a cheesy Walmart Ad or fake hired models. You need photos that represent you, your brand and your business. 

Don't worry kids. This is your adult version of senior photos and it's your turn to SHINE.